NDP Chair Kleeb Responds to Gov. Ricketts’ State of State Address

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issued the following statement after Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts’ State of the State Address on Tuesday:

“The governor said nothing bold. Nothing on the risk of climate change to our main economic driver — agriculture. Ricketts mentioned that farmers and ranchers are struggling, yet he’s done nothing to pressure Sens. Sasse and Fischer and Reps. Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith to end Trump’s reckless trade war and harmful government shutdown,” Kleeb said.

“Ricketts puts the Republican party and Trump first. Nebraskans come second in his world. Ricketts is rattling his sword with threats to further erode women’s rights protected under the law. He continues to use a deeply personal issue for his political gain,” Kleeb said. “We plan to hold his feet to the fire on his promise to honor the will of the voters to expand Medicaid. Nebraskans need bold leaders and Ricketts showed us today he is not up for the challenge.”


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