Nebraska Democratic officers’ Statements on Florida School Shooting

The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb and 1st Associate Chair, Frank LaMere have released the following statements in reaction to the school shooting today.

“I’ve been struggling all day with how to issue a statement on the kids who were murdered in Florida. How many times do we say our heart breaks for families? How many times do we let politicians off the hook when they take no action to protect our kids? How many moms and dads have to sit in silence at the end of the day when their kid would have walked in the door, threw their book bag on the floor and said “I’m home.” The Nebraska Democratic Party stands for gun reform. Now. Not tomorrow, not next year, now. All the politicians taking money from the NRA—who continue to ensure no laws are passed to protect our kids—should be ashamed of themselves today.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“Who has the courage to say that hundreds and hundreds of our best and brightest young people and other innocent Americans continue to be slaughtered because our leaders do not have the nerve to say no to the NRA? The tired old mantra of gun rights activists rings hollow tonight in a score of Florida households where tears now flow and where preparations are being made by parents to take care of their children because our leaders could not! I mourn! We all should! Then we must act!” -Frank LaMere, 1st Associate Chair

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