Nebraska Democratic Party response to Gov. Ricketts’ Invitation to host NRA Convention

The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb, has released the following statement in response to Gov. Ricketts inviting the NRA to hold convention in Nebraska.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with young people across our state and country who are demanding gun reform now. In typical behavior from Gov. Ricketts, instead of standing with our families, he openly courts the NRA’s corporate lobbyists to hold a convention in Nebraska. The NRA convention in Dallas will be met with fierce opposition and if they come to our state we will be in the streets. We know Ricketts and the NRA have a lot in common—both use their endless pot of money to buy elections and both think our teachers should be armed with guns in our schools. In November, voters will show Ricketts and the NRA the door.” – Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb

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