LINCOLN–Governor Ricketts’ unprecedented move hiring a private selection firm involved in the hiring of his directors has failed. In another display of poor judgement, Ricketts has placed Clarence Carter on his short list for Director of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Carter was previously forced to resign as Arizona’s Director of Economic Security (Arizona’s equivalent to DHHS) after thousands of alleged child abuse and neglect cases went unassigned.

“Problems at the DHHS have already cost the taxpayers millions and hurt our most vulnerable residents.  It is unbelievable Ricketts would even consider someone who was forced to resign from the same position in another state due to neglect and mismanagement,”  said Vince Powers, Chair of the NDP.  “Nebraska taxpayers can’t afford another series of careless missteps and mismanagement from Ricketts.  It’s clear Ricketts is not serious about fixing the problems at DHHS, and his misguided decision making only stands to put our children and tax dollars at risk.”



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