Stothert Kicks Tắt Giá thầu Tái bầu cử Ôm Chiến dịch Trump

OMAHA, NE – Later tonight, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert will kick off her re-election campaign with former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman serving as Master of Ceremonies.

           Most recently, Dave Heineman served as Honorary Chair of the Trump for President campaign in Nebraska. After initially stating her support for the Republican nominee, Mayor Stothert later refused to tell the public or the media who she would cast her vote for as President.
          “Jean Stothert would not be honest with the people of Omaha about who she supported for President. But, the Trump State Chairman kicking off her campaign erases any doubt that she was 100% behind Donald Trump, just like Dave Heineman,” said Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Vince Powers.
          “Donald Trump will be our next President, but he was resoundingly rejected by Omaha voters by more than 12,000 votes. This is just another example of Jean Stothert saying anything to get elected,” said Powers.
          “She failed to deliver on promises to repeal the restaurant tax and the wheel tax. She continues to let Omaha’s streets and infrastructure crumble. And, she’s failed to lead while good, high-paying jobs with ConAgra and maybe now West Corporation are fleeing the city.”
          “Jean Stothert can hide what she stands for but can’t hide from her record. Omaha voters won’t be fooled this spring when they elect a new mayor who they can actually trust to keep their promises…”

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