Different Day, Same Stothert

LINCOLN– On Tuesday, Omaha was hit with four inches of snow, which was forecasted days earlier, however the city was completely unprepared despite the advanced warning. Major streets, such as Dodge Street, were closed as streets remain unplowed. Mayor Stothert’s Department of Public Works continues their slew of poor operations, and remain unable to execute the basic job of snow removal this winter season. In fact, this is the third time that the City of Omaha and Mayor Stothert has failed to promptly plan or respond to snow, leaving the people of Omaha to face dangerous road conditions, often paralyzing transportation throughout the city.

“Because Mayor Stothert has cut so many corners, Omaha now even lacks funding to provide the basic service of removing snow,” said NDP Chair Vince Powers.  “Stothert has put the safety of Omahans at risk because she can’t simply deliver on a basic function of city government.”

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