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Delegate 101 Training in Kearney

Tháng Một 14, 2020 @ 6:00 chiều - 7:00 chiều CST

Join us as we walk you through the information needed if you want to go to the national convention as a delegate in support of the Democratic nominee. The delegate process is a little but complicated at first glance, but we want you involved and we want you to understand the steps.
NDP staff will also go over how to be a State Central Committee member (and what that even is!) and how you can serve as a Block Captain to turn out voters in your neighborhood (or dorm or broader rural community).
We welcome all shades of blue to build the Nebraska Democratic Party.
Chair Kleeb and other officers — Richard Register, Patty Zieg and Ron Kaminski — will join us at many of the trainings.
If you want a training at your caucus or county meeting, please contact Precious McKesson (precious@nebraskademocrats.org) or Gina Frank (Gina@nebraskademocrats.org).

Chi tiết

Tháng Một 14, 2020
Thời gian:
6:00 chiều - 7:00 chiều CST

Hội họp

UNK Alumni House 2222 9th Ave, Kearney, NE 68445.