Campaigning During Coronavirus

For candidates, the NDP has compiled a guide for Campaigning During Coronavirus, which you can read here. Thank you to our friends at The Management Institute, Tuesday Company, M&R Lab, Power Labs,

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Bad, Bad and more — #NebDems News

“It’s bad, it’s bad.” After weeks of irresponsible dismissiveness about the coronavirus, President Trump finally brought himself to admit that, yes, Houston, we have a problem. But to see all his coronavirus

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Información Critica de Elecciones

Amigos:  El Partido Demócrata de Nebraska quiere asegurarle que las elecciones primarias del 12 de mayo en nuestro estado aún continúan, a pesar de que se publicaron rumores irresponsables en las redes

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Trump Trips Up and more — #NebDems News

If you watched President Trump’s televised address on the coronavirus the other night, it certainly didn’t conjure up memories of F.D.R.’s famous “fireside chats,” which did much to allay fears during the

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