NDP Chair Kleeb Responds to Senate Vote to Not Allow Witnesses

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb made the following statement Friday after the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate refused to allow witnesses to testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

“Part of our democracy died today. Senators who voted against witnesses are — plain and simple — cowards. That includes Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer. They turned a blind eye to the facts and chose party over country. It’s pathetic and horrifying.

Sens. Sasse and Fischer are engaged in a full-on coverup while President Trump looks to get away with asking foreign interests to meddle in our elections. Gone are the days Sen. Sasse can give his endless speeches on transparency and the Constitution, he literally is now the living title of his latest book, a vanishing adult.

Nebraskans, as reflected in Trump’s approval rating dropping 22 points over the last few years, do not take kindly to corruption and hateful language. The Democratic Party is focused on talking with rural and urban voters to make the case it is time to break up the status quo that protects a president engaged in a cover-up.”






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