NDP Response to Recall Election Results in Cass and Saline Counties

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January 10, 2024
Kontak: José Flores, Jr., Diréktur Komunikasi
402-215-1052, jose@nebraskademocrats.org

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 1-10-2024***

Nebraska Democratic Party Response to Recall Election Results in Cass and Saline Counties 

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb, the Recall Terri Cunningham-Swanson Campaign, and Saline County Commissioner Phil Hardenburger issues the following statement regarding the recall election results yesterday in Cass and Saline Counties:

“Last night’s election results in both Cass and Saline Counties confirm that Nebraskans will reject extremism regardless of elected office, geography, or Republican’s favorite culture war issue of the day. It further cements the fact that common sense will drive voters to the polls, not censorship of books and not hyper-partisan attacks. In both Saline and Cass County, local grassroots efforts were the difference maker. This is a great way to start off the 2024 election showing the power of voters wanting candidates and elected officials to focus on issues that impact families and not culture wars meant only to divide us.” – NDP Chair Kleeb

“Today the residents of Plattsmouth sent a clear message: our children’s education comes before partisan agendas and extremist policies. We value our schools and our educators, and we will not tolerate any attacks on the wonderful school district we are fortunate to have here in Plattsmouth.” – Lead volunteer Sarah Slattery with the Recall Terri Cunningham-Swanson Campaign

“As a County Commissioner, I am simply trying to do my job and do what’s right for my constituents. The voters of Saline County confirmed overwhelmingly that they won’t be bullied or swayed by one person’s personal politics. This recall effort was a major waste of taxpayer money.“ – Saline County Commissioner Chairman Phil Hardenburger 

Background on Both Recall Efforts

Both recall efforts in Cass and Saline Counties were the first elections in the nation and set great momentum for the 2024 cycle. 

The successful recall of Moms 4 Liberty-allied Plattsmouth School Board member, Teri Cunningham-Swanson, resulted in an overwhelming majority of Cass County residents holding her accountable for her divisive rhetoric and their short-sighted actions, such as book bans. The recall was successful with 62% of voters agreeing that Cunningham-Swanson could no longer lead. The recall activity was led by those most impacted: parents, students, and community members.

In the central part of the state, a recall election failed to oust Democratic Saline County Commissioner Chairman Phil Hardenburger from District 2. Voters in the county voted overwhelmingly to retain him in his post. A Crete resident filed the recall to remove him as chairman and commissioner based on Commissioner Hardenburger’s support of clean energy which is bringing a significant amount of tax resources to the county, jobs, and helping Nebraska’s grid become more diverse and stable.


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