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Forgive Nebraska’s Republican Attorney General and Chief Legal Eaglet Doug Petersen (who has taken a “hold my beer” approach toward joining frivolous GOP lawsuits supported by Gov. Pete “Gosh my Daddy’s Rich” Ricketts) seems a little down lately.

That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court, for the fourth time, rejected a GOP lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which saddened Doug, Pete and the likes of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who incidentally has the most grotesque Civil War neck beard since Gen. Ambrose Burnside.

The gloom was noted by The New Yorker’s Andy Borowtitz:

Outraged by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to preserve Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, Senator Ted Cruz called the Affordable Care Act “a thinly veiled Democratic plot to keep people alive so they can vote.”

 “A long time ago, Democrats figured out that live people were far more likely to vote than dead ones,” Cruz charged. “Make no mistake: the Affordable Care Act is a calculated scheme to increase the number of live people.”

 He went on, “Democrats will stop at nothing to get people to vote. They will get them ballots. They will get them bottled water. And, yes, if necessary, they will keep them from dying of a preexisting condition. It disgusts me.”

 Cruz added that, unlike Democrats, Republicans have “no intention whatsoever of keeping people alive,” and pointed to Texas’s new “constitutional carry” gun law as a shining example.



The NDP has launched a “Flip that Bacon” website to target Rep. Don Bacon’s 2nd District congressional seat in 2022.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has CD2 as one of its 22 competitive House districts that are either open or held by Republicans.

“We are building a winning coalition of voters to flip the CD2 seat red to blue,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “Rep. Bacon pretends he is a moderate using all sorts of fake talking points. Bacon’s voting record reflects his true values of turning his back on assistance to small businesses and families as well as women experiencing violence. Nebraskans do not like fake bacon and we intend to keep Don accountable.”

Click here to go to the Flip that Bacon site.

At the bottom of the home page is a timeline slider listing Bacon’s gaffes and horrible votes and positions during his time in office.

Also, click here to download and share Flip that Bacon graphics on social media!


The White House announced the 30×30 proposal called America the Beautiful — putting 30 percent of the nation’s land and water in conservation status by 2030.

And to counter the tripe about the plan being spread by Ricketts and others, the NDP has launched a series of “Burgers and Beers” sessions to talk truth about the America the Beautiful plan.

See where the next meetings are or request one in your area!

Read NDP Chair Jane Kleeb’s blog about the plan here.


State Senator Carol Blood is demanding answers from the Ricketts administration regarding pollution from the now-idle AltEn Ethanol Plant in Mead. She. sent three letters this week to the heads of the State Departments of Agriculture, Environmental Resources and Environment and Energy, asking what they knew and when.


Nebraska Stonewall Dems Celebrate Pride Month!

“Happy Pride Month from the Nebraska Stonewall Democrats! We honor all of the activists and dreamers, who laid the framework for equality across generations though this work is far from over. Equity is the destination and we are all on this journey. We honor the vibrance, diversity, and profound community of our LGBTQIA2S+ family not only for this month but always.”

–Sarah Cohen Walker, Stonewall Democrats Chair

July 9-10: Heartland Pride Omaha

Order your Nebraska Stonewall T-shirt here!


Time is running out! The Nebraska Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus is taking applications through July 1 for the Helen Boosalis Inspiring Women Scholarships. The caucus will be awarding three scholarships of $500, one in each congressional district, to young Democratic women who are either entering college this fall or current college students. The caucus has introduced a non-traditional student scholarship this year for Democratic women of any age pursuing an education at any educational institutionInformation and how to apply can be found here.

Applications should be sent to


The NDP is launching a Mobile Office project designed to help our party better communicate with and serve our communities.

The offices will allow us to provide our local parties with a comprehensive and professional kit that can be used for fairs, parades, voter registration drives, and more.

These offices are available to county parties, affiliated caucus and policy councils, and other Democratic operatives across the state.

As a grassroots initiative, the project relies on the leadership and participation of local leaders, and persons and groups looking to request a Mobile Office should be prepared to return the office or help deliver it to its next location.

A Mobile Office will contain a canopy tent for outdoor use, parade banner, table, comprehensive collection of literature, a wide range of basic tabling items, first aid kit, and optional display components upon request.

Fill out the NDP Mobile Office request form!

See our Rural Outreach page.


Our series of training for campaigns, led by state Sen. Carol Blood, continues.

Sign up for the next session on July 25: Crafting Your Campaign Strategy. Learn how to set your campaign goals for ultimate campaign success.


You think you know your stuff? Join the NDP for a night of fun and trivia! Five rounds of trivia questions ranging from current politics, past politics, Nebraska history and so much more. Grab your team of six, or if you are solo, we will match you with other solo players.

When: July 8th, 2021

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. CT

Via Zoom


The House has already passed the Equality Act, and now it’s up to the Senate to take a stand for equal rights and dignity, no matter who you love or how you identify. Add your name here and take a stand for what’s right.


If you are interested in helping write a couple of Letters to the Editor — or even a guest op-ed — over the next year or so, please sign up here to help us support Democrats and our ideas.

We can help give you pointers and show you how to submit your letter!


Help build the NDP and become a Monthly Donor!

Some 550 Democrats ran in races across Nebraska in 2020 and had a 71 percent win rate. Many of the services we offered those candidates were bolstered by our Monthly Donors.


Welcome to the Party calls have resumed! We are excited to cover topics like, voter registration and redistricting. We also will be giving our caucuses and councils the floor to talk about their goals and how you can get involved.

The next call is June 29 and features the Nebraska Stonewall Democrats.

If you have suggestions for topics to cover, please email


Get your Biden and NDP swag at the NDP/Shirts 101 store!

The store now features some terrific Jomaha/Blue Dot swag!


We leave you this week with a rendering by Pat Byrnes.

By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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June 29. Welcome to the Party call with the Nebraska Stonewall Democrats

July 8: NDP Trivia Night

July 9-10: Heartland Pride Omaha

July 24: NDP Burgers and Beer event in Gibbon

July 25: Campaign training: Crafting Your Campaign Strategy

July 28: NDP Burgers and Beer event in North Platte

Aug. 4: NDP Burgers and Beers event in Grand Island

Aug. 14: NDP Burgers and Beer event in Scottsbluff

Aug. 22: NDP Burgers and Beer event in Ft. Calhoun

Sept. 14: Salute to State Senators

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