Konférénsi Pers Undian Awal Nebraska Democratic Party

The Nebraska Democratic Party is holding an Early Vote Press Conference with Spencer Danner, Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State.

WHO- The Nebraska Democratic Party, Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State Spencer Danner

NAON-  Holding a press conference to talk about early vote and how to make it more accessible to every citizen

IRAHA- Monday, April 16th, 11-11:30 AM

Dimana- Douglas County Election Commission, 225 North 115th Street, Omaha, NE 68154

Pencét On the first day of Early Vote in Person, talk with Spencer Danner, Secretary of State Candidate, about how to make voting more accessible for every citizen and the importance of voting.

Pikeun RSVP email jacob@nebraskademocrats.org.

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