Pernyataan Nebraska Democratic Party ngeunaan Hakim Kavanaugh dicalonkeun ka Mahkamah Agung

“Judge Kavanaugh has extreme views on women’s reproductive rights and the law providing millions of Americans healthcare, including those of us with pre-existing conditions. Kavanaugh was pushed by right wing ideologues and big corporations who care about their wealth above all else and he will serve as a rubber stamp for Trumps’ extreme policies. Most concerning is Kavanaugh’s writings that Presidents should not have a basic checks and balances of their the executive powers while in office. We call on Nebraskans to email Senators Fischer and Sasse expressing concerns for Kavanaugh. Then sign up to serve as a Block Captain and commit to vote for Democrats on Nov. 6, 2018. We must stand up and stand together to ensure our country once again puts people first.” -Chair Jane Fleming Kleeb

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