Press Releases

Statement on Ricketts’ Re-Election Campaign

Statement on Gov. Ricketts re-election announcement today and his failed agenda for working class families from Chair Jane Kleeb: “Gov. Ricketts has failed on protecting working class families on issues that affect our pocketbooks from healthcare to property taxes. While Ricketts pretended he passed some golden budget, the only people it benefits are the millionaires–a […]

President Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords

President Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, an international agreement to combat climate change. This is an incredibly dangerous move that is going to not only damage the US’s relationship with our allies, but also put our children and future generations at risk. This accord being signed by 195 […]

Chair Jane Kleeb challenges Rep. Adrian Smith to the Food Stamp Challenge

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb is challenging Rep. Adrian Smith to the Food Stamp Challenge given his shocking comments last week refusing to say Americans are entitled to eat. The Food Stamp Challenge gives elected officials an opportunity to understand how difficult it is to get by on food stamps (roughly $1.00 a meal).  […]

DNC Announces Major Nationwide Resistance Summer Program to Bolster State Parties

Nebraska is proud the DNC is working hand and hand with State Parties to support grassroots organizing. Below is a statement from Chair Kleeb and the DNC’s full press release on the new Resistance Summer program. “Our state party is committed to grassroots organizing in rural and urban communities. Nebraska has applied for three organizers, […]

Rep. Fortenberry Takes Away Health Care Options To Support the Extremely Wealthy

LINCOLN – Chair Kleeb’s statement on Aetna withdrawal from marketplace. “Rep. Jeff Fortenberry should take responsibility for Aetna withdrawing from the marketplace, leaving Nebraskans with fewer options for health insurance, because he didn’t have the guts to stand up to his party in order to fix the fundamental problems of health care in our state […]