Press Releases

Nebraska Democratic Party officers’ statements on Doug Jones winning the Senate Race in Alabama

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb and Associate Chair Frank LaMere, have released the following statements in response to the victory in Alabama. “Tonight’s big win for Democrat Doug Jones shows our party must invest in our base—African Americans, Latinos, women and young people—while reaching out to targeted Republicans who stand with American values. Donald […]

Chair Jane Kleeb’s Statement on Senator Franken’s Resignation

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb, has released the following statement. “As we learn of Sen. Franken’s resignation from the US Senate, it is critical we ensure policies are in place to provide an environment that is healthy and safe. I have appointed a Special Committee to develop a code of conduct that will guide […]

Don Bacon Claims to Support DACA Recipients but is not among 34 Members of Congress to push for Legislative Action in Letter to Paul Ryan

34 Members of Congress sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan calling for Legislative action to re-approve DACA. Congressman Bacon has said that he supports DACA and yet didn’t sign on to this letter. “Congressman Bacon should have signed the letter to urge Speaker Ryan to create a permanent solution to DACA. He is betraying […]

Nebraska Democratic Party Calls on Bacon to Shed Donations from Roy Moore Mega Donor Richard Uihlein and Answer Basic Question if Bacon Supports Child Predator

Today, the Nebraska Democratic Party is calling on Congressman Don Bacon to divest $2,700 in donations to his campaign from Roy Moore’s mega-donor, Richard Uihlein. The donor, Uihlein, has also given $100,000 to a conservative PAC supporting the disgraced accused child predator and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. The NDP additionally calls on Rep. Bacon […]

GOP Votes to Help the 1% while Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

The Republican Party voted to help the top 1% with massive tax handouts while cutting services that are vital to the future of our country. “Teachers can no longer write off supplies they buy for their students but a billionaire can write off a jet. Senators Fischer and Sasse failed Nebraska while giving a huge […]