Party Structure

Party Structure

Our state’s greatest strength is our people: honest, hard-working people from all walks of life. We believe in growing the good life for ALL Nebraskans, not just for a few at the top.

At the Nebraska Democratic Party, we want to do well for ourselves and our families–and do our part for our communities, state, and country. We respect the dignity of every person–no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from.

Each of us has something valuable to contribute to our state. When Nebraskans work together, we can accomplish anything. Democrats fight every day to move our state forward and make our government and our economy work for every Nebraskan–not just powerful special interests.

Key Documents and Links

We are working hard to rebuild our Party and elect Democrats across our great state. You can download these reports and flyers to use at local meetings and events:

About the Nebraska Democratic Party

Sometimes it can be confusing how to navigate the Party structure, so we hope you reach out to us with any questions or attend your County Party Meeting to connect with Democrats from your area.

All Democrats are welcome to attend our four State Central Committee meetings a year where we conduct Party business and our Congressional Districts and Caucuses meet.

If you have any questions, please email

Chair Jane Kleeb

NDP Leadership

NDP Staff

SCC Delegates and Alternates

County Parties

Serve in a Party Leadership Position

You can serve in the various leadership positions by getting elected at the county, legislative district or state level. All of these leadership positions help build the Party. When we have a strong Party structure we win elections!

If you want to serve on the SCC as a Committee or Legislative District (LD) member, you should notify the NDP Office ( and let us know you are interested in serving in one of the vacancies listed. Your LD is the same as your State Legislative District. You can find your LD here.

State Central Committee Meetings

We hold State Central Committee meetings four times a year to conduct party businesses and train our party leaders.

Get the SCC Meeting Dates, Agenda Packets and Minutes

Platform, Resolutions, Constitution

Constitution and Bylaws

The Nebraska Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws govern our Party structure. Learn how our modern political organization operates and organizes to help elect Democrats to office.

Click here to view the revised NDP Constitution & Bylaws


The national and state Democratic Party Platforms are position statements that guide the party on key issues from climate change, to gun safety, to racial justice, and to jobs.

In 2016, the national Democratic Party adopted the most progressive and compressive platform describing the ideas and values Democrats across our country hold.

The Nebraska Democratic Party Platform, the Foundation Statement, and the Permanent Policy Positions File are, in combination, the statement of beliefs that the State Party has adopted as a basis for guiding its actions. They have been adopted by a majority of delegates to the State Convention, and remain in force until the next State Convention.

Click here to read the Nebraska Democratic Party Platform

Click here to read the National Democratic Party Platform  (Note: This will be updated at the 2020 Democratic National Convention).


Resolutions are discussed and voted on at our NDP meetings held four times a year and at our state convention once every two years. Resolutions are statements on current topics and issues.

We place all resolutions that did pass the NDP State Central Committee and the proposed resolutions that did not pass into a Google Drive. The resolutions are organized by “passed” and “proposed.”

Click here to view resolutions.

Submit Resolution or Rules Change

The Rules Chair is Trevor Fizgerald and the Platform and Resolution Chair is Shirl Mora James.

Please email if you want to submit a resolution for the NDP to pass at our meetings held four times a year. Resolutions must be submitted in writing 10 days before the next SCC meeting or Party Convention.

If you have suggested Bylaw changes, those are discussed at regular meetings and voted on during the Party Convention which is held every two years. You can see upcoming dates on our event page.